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We are looking for friends

Seon Village Komorebi Forest Campsite Komorebi Site


Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Fuefuki River and Kannonzawa intersect
Approximately 5,000 square meters of land rich in nature adjacent to a national park
I gave this place the name Seotomura.
The name comes from the fact that you can always hear the soothing sound of flowing water.
There's always a nice breeze here

Would you like to participate in the development and management of Seon Village, which is blessed with abundant resources? ?

What is DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

In the case of traditional organizations, such as joint stock companies, shareholders make capital participation and elect directors to whom management is entrusted. The board of directors determines management policies and promotes business from the top down.

In DAO, stakeholders directly define the agenda and make decisions side by side. Since there is no administrator, it is a decentralized and autonomous organization.

What is DAO?

About Seonmura DAO

​Seone Village DAO is in Seon VillageIt is a community that makes and executes operational decisions.

It is an open organization where anyone can participate by owning the cryptocurrency WOK issued by Seon Village.

​The cryptocurrency WOK is a governance token that comes with certain rights by holding it.

Participate in work related to campground managementYou can accumulate WOK by doing things.

By the way, the meaning of WOK was taken from the slang word ``WOKE'', which means an awakened person.

It clearly shows that we are an organization that is aware of the various problems that society faces and is tackling them.

Can be used for payment within the campsite

Cryptocurrency WOK can be used to pay for services provided in Seon Village (campsite usage fees, food and beverages, purchases, etc.).

It can also be used as a payment method when providing services or selling goods between people who hold WOK.

​WOK held can be transferred to a third party.

Token economy explanation

Obtained by owning WOK

4 benefits


1 Acquire web3 and cryptocurrency literacy

Due to legal revisions, Japanincluding banksA policy has been decided for public financial institutions to issue stable coins. This results in thisCryptocurrency, which previously had a somewhat suspicious atmosphere, is now recognized as equivalent to money with a legally guaranteed value and has become pervasive in daily life. In order not to be left behind in this trend of the times, it would be meaningful to understand what cryptocurrencies are now and actually own and manage them.Is it okay?

2 Seon village management policyintentionbe involved in decisions

Token holders decide the management policy of Seon VillageGet voting rights. for village managementThis is the right to be involved in decision-making. Ai about the campsite we manageYou can post questions, participate in discussions, and vote on decisions.

If you have 100,000 WOK or more, you will have the right to propose a new topic. You can turn your ideas into reality, such as wanting to introduce new equipment, setting prices a certain way, or developing and selling products.

3 Lives in Seon Villagecan be

Holds over 3 million WOK tokensThe maximum area for those who wish to do so is 50 square meters within Seon Village.Obtain the right of residence.
You can go glamping style with a tent, or you can build a simple structure. A trailer house would be nice too. It's like having your own private campsite that you can use whenever you like.
The area has good mobile phone reception, making it an ideal base for remote work.


4 Can be used as an evacuation site in times of trouble

WOKToken holders will be able to evacuate to Seon Village in the event of any critical situation.
Seon Village is off-grid and does not depend on outside sources for lifelines such as water and electricity, so it functions as an evacuation center. I hope this will help you prepare for various risks, such as earthquakes, climate change, and military conflicts, which are increasing every year.

Management policy

Agenda items are developed online, and final decisions are made after discussion and voting.
Resolutions on the agenda require at least 51% approval and at least 20% of WOK holders to vote.

Business policies are also determined through a similar process.
As an example
from now onWe envision the following business development.
Let's all discuss and challenge various things to grow Seon Village.


Plans for future business development

1. Development/operation of Komorebi no Mori Campsite

By making the most of the terrain and conducting careful operations, we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, aim to be a distinctive campsite, and manage our business with the aim of creating a campsite with a good environment that loyal users return to repeatedly. Promote.

2. Management of bushcraft educational facilities

For campers who want to start bushcraft-style camping, but are hesitant and don't know where to start, we will provide experiential content that will help them improve their skills through hands-on experience.

3. Hot spring bath facility development/operation

There is a hot spring area nearby, so if you go bowling for about 1000 meters,hot spring boilsVery likely. At a certain hot spring inn, hundreds of liters of weakly alkaline water with a slight sulfur scent and a temperature of 42 degrees are boiled every minute.

Sauna in nature is special. Kannonzawa is moderately cold and perfect for a cold bath after sauna.

4. Design/production/sales of off-grid mobile homes

A movable house that advocates a new lifestyle. Exhibition of a model home of a trailer house type residence that can be moved wherever and whenever you like without being tied to land.We will develop accommodation experience and order business..

5. Food production based on agriculture

Fallow farmland scattered around the areaAcquire and produce fruits and vegetables. Harvested crops will be sold directly or via e-commerce.

6. Planning and sales EC development of village specialty products (camping gear, apparel, etc.)

We plan and sell camping-related products and other original goods.

7. Producing a restaurant in the village

Using agricultural and livestock products harvested in the villageWe will open a restaurant that uses locally produced products for local consumption.

8. Attraction/planning/management of various events

We invite and plan and manage seminars, study sessions, training camps, music festivals, wine festivals, etc.

It looks like it would be fun to have a radio-controlled race, and planning a survival game would also be quite interesting.

9. Production/sales of Koshu wine

Manufacture and sale of original brand wineI will do it.

I think it would be especially easy to develop businesses like the ones mentioned above by taking advantage of the geographical advantage, but basically I think it would be better for each participating member to develop what they are good at in their own way. Therefore, if people who have certain skills and can demonstrate those skills participate, the potential of the village will be greatly increased.

Related dataGroup

Recycling-based society Permaculture Sustainability Self-sufficiency Ecology New socialism Survivalism WOKEism Off-grid Offline network Diversification

I imagine that people with high sensitivities in this area would be a good fit, but the results may be completely different. This project is operated by DAO, so anyone can participate freely. Since it is a system that reflects the intentions of the people who participate, it is difficult to imagine how Seon Village will develop in the future.


Radical pursuit of social justice

Division and conflict are repeated

In times of great upheaval​

we share together

Pursuing sustainability

create a new culture

Also those who manage

No one is affected

No exploitation

everyone equally

mutual support

live richly

That is the new kind of society that Seon Village is aiming for.

WOKofSteps to earn

1.DiscordI will participate in

2.Prepare a Polygon wallet(METAMASK)

3. Job openings will be notified on Discord

4. Participate in work

5. WOK will be granted

Important sureApproval matters

When participating in a projectteethvillagelawtoConsent required.

​​Let's gather togetherToday! !


I can't wait to see how Seon Village will evolve in the future.
We look forward to your participation.


Seseragi site

Now accepting on-site tours and camping experiences

Those who want to actually visit the site, camp and think about it.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via chat, email, official line, etc.

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