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Chichibu Tama Kai National Park is home to a rich natural environment.

There are plenty of activities that allow you to interact with nature, such as playing in the river, mountain stream fishing, and fruit picking.

​There is also a full-fledged natural hot spring nearby, where you can heal your tired body.


Sawa play

The Fuji River Kannonzawa flows through the survival area. The stream flows into the main stream of the Fuefuki River. A little further away is Kazuno Kama, a famous waterfall that looks like a natural pool.


​Stream fishing

A little further down Kannonzawa, it joins the Fuefuki River. Natural amago and yamame trout inhabit the Fuefuki River. Collect small insects around you and hang them on top to catch big fish. Freshly caught river fish is really delicious. Looks like tonight's table will be even more luxurious.


​ *A recreational fishing ticket is required for mountain stream fishing.


fruit picking

Yamanashi Prefecture is one of the largest fruit producing areas in Japan. On the fruit line that leads to Seon Village, you can enjoy picking a variety of fruits throughout the year, including strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes, muscats, and blueberries.

​The fruits you harvest with your own hands are really delicious. It's also great as a souvenir.

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