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Two distinctive areas each​

Seon Village Komorebi no Mori Campground is divided into two areas.


A flat Komorebi area suitable for general camping style.

There is a riverside survival area suitable for bushcraft camping style.

If you have little camping experience, we recommend that you try the Komorebi area first.

​If you want to try bushcraft, we recommend the survival area


Komorebi area

Free site limited to a maximum of 10 groups per day

Cars are not allowed, but there is little distance from the parking space, so it is relatively easy to transport your luggage.

There is a gentle slope in general, and it is shaped like a tiered platform, so you can spend a relaxing time without worrying about your surroundings.

The sound of rushing water that can always be heard from the Fuefuki River and Kannonzawa is soothing and makes you feel disconnected from the real world.

You can set up your site anywhere and however you like, so please set up your site wherever you like, such as under a tree out of direct sunlight, a place with a good view, or a place where you can hear the sound of a river.

Open fires are OK if you are knowledgeable about disaster prevention and can clean up after yourself.


Weekdays 2,000circle × Number of people

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 3,000 yen × number of people


survival area

It's a very wild site with large rocks rolling around, giving the impression that it's almost the same as it was tens of thousands of years ago.

Facing Kannonzawa, this water was determined to be drinkable in a simple well water test, so please boil it at your own discretion. If there are days without rain, there may be no water available.

The surrounding area is filled with materials such as rocks, tree branches, bamboo, and fallen leaves. They can be collected and used.

As soon as you climb the slope, you will reach the Komorebi area, so the parking lot is nearby. Mobile phone reception is also strong across all carriers.

In the event of sudden illness, unexpected bad weather, or an encounter with a wild animal, you can evacuate immediately, so you can enjoy bushcraft-style camping and solo camping with relative peace of mind.

The terrain is very steep and there is a risk of natural disasters, so please use this at your own risk and only if you are accustomed to camping and can manage safety.

*Currently, in order to enter this area, you need to go down a steep slope (using a rope). Normal transportation of luggage is extremely dangerous, so as a general rule, only those equipped with backpacks should use their own judgment.


Weekdays 1,000 yen / person

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 2,000 yen / person

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