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tomahawk cafe

This is a survival experience cafe where you choose the ignition materials, fuel, kettle, and tea leaves and cook your own food.

The trial fee is 1000 yen per person.



1 / Ignitable materials, fuel

​ Matches, lighters, gas burners

Sawtooth oak, vine, oak, old telephone pole, other waste materials, etc.

2 / kettle

Aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

3 / Drinks

Coffee, red perilla tea, mulberry leaf tea, black tea, hojicha, wildflower tea, megusurinoki, ephedra, etc.

​⒈ Prepare fuel

Collect dead wood that can be used as fuel and cut it into a suitable size using an ax or saw. Also collect combustible items that can be used as fire starters.


​⒉Start a fire

Light the fire starter using a metal match (flint), matches, lighter, gas burner, etc. Once lit, burn the wood and start a bonfire.


​⒊ Boil the water

Choose a kettle or pot made of your favorite material and boil water.


​⒋Choose a drink

Choose drinks such as coffee, tea, or herbal medicine.



Enjoy relaxing time and hard-brewed drinks at your favorite place.

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