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Pursuing a balance between a recycling-oriented society and economic activities

Cherish limited resources.

Seon Village Komorebi no Mori Campsite places the utmost importance on sustainability of the global environment,

This is a campground that continues to take on the challenge of achieving a recycling-oriented society.

What exactly is wealth? ?

Material wealth without being inconvenienced by things
Spiritual richness with a calm and fulfilled mind

Feeling nature alone

Spend precious time with your lover

Have fun with the kids

Having fun with like-minded friends


Each carves a living proof

Enjoy your time to your heart's content

​I want to live in a place like that

What exactly lies beyond our daily lives? ?
Every day is established and repeated through consumption.
Life seems to last forever, but it is surprisingly short.

I can't find any meaning or answer to living.
My only wish is to live a life shared with my friends.


Each person can be themselves and live as they are.
Order is maintained without being bound by rules.
I came to this place because I wanted to embody that ideal.

A chain of lives that has continued uninterrupted.
A planet that already seems to be losing its sustainability potential.

The tasks and responsibilities assigned to us,
This means re-establishing sustainability by shifting to a recycling-oriented society.

​For the future,

We will rebuild the circulation cycle that has been destroyed by an excessive consumption society.

​I believe it is necessary to establish a new social system.

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